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Toddler to teen and all ages in between. Any kid can be a Car-Smart Kid!


See 4 to 17 year old children in action. See them gaining and demonstrating knowledge, coordination skills, speed, distance and space perception and more.

Hear professionals working with toddler to teen children calmly instilling education and safety essentials.

Discover a unique bonding experience, becoming one with your child and, together, actually enjoying driver education.


In vehicle driving lessons - Ride along with Car-Smart Kids creator and Autosafety Driving School founder James Meier and his student in a wealth of driving situations. See what is done and hear calm and complete explanations that you can use to better educate your learning drivers. To learn more about Autosafety Driving School click here.

Excerpts from a live Car-Smart Kids show featuring demonstrations, audience participation and a complete presentation of the entire Car-Smart Kids program. Parents learn all the (do’s, don’ts, who, what, when, where, how and why) types of information. They discover the three essentials of driving excellence and the FOUR NEVERS of parent education that actually create unsafe driving.

How to ensure excellence from the very first minute of on road driving.

How to replace difficult, complicated and confusing education that causes fear, panic and frustration with simple, easy to understand one step at a time graduated learning.

The joy and benefits of early learning.

How to easily teach basic driving test maneuvers.


Regardless of the learning driver’s age or educational needs, Car-Smart Kids provides an enhanced uplifting educational experience for ALL learners. Any educator - parent, grandparent, spouse, relative, friend, etc. can easily use Car-Smart Kids to more effectively teach anyone OF ANY AGE who needs to learn how to drive.

Discover how to overcome present day driver education obstacles that didn’t exist in generations past such as....

A. Totally inadequate or even non-existent on road public school driver education.

B. Over reliance on electronic vehicular driving aids and more.


Treat yourself, a family member or friend. There is nothing more valuable than the gift of education and safety.

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Car-Smart Kids must be purchased a minimum of 3 months prior to obtaining the learner permit and must be used thereafter for 12 months before taking a driving test.