Get it all in this accident prevention driver protection program.

  • $100 payment for an at fault accident.*
  • Parent taught driver education that beats the professionals.
  • Unlimited education and safety access.
  • Easiest and safest learning.

Breeze Thru State Requirements For Parent Taught Driver education.

We SHOW you us doing, with actual students, what government agencies and others TELL you to do with this one, simple for everyone, view and do program. Nothing else needed.

How we can offer a $20 program with a $100 guarantee

We have none of the traditional driving school expenses and pass the savings on to you. We spend little on advertising. Money saved can cover the rare instance of a new driver mishap.

Other benefits for parents and learning drivers

  • Car-Smart Kids greatly reduces learning to drive dangers.
  • It can start to be used at anytime during the learning process to evaluate, enhance, correct or complete things previously learned.
  • If used to begin and continue driver education, it ensures that bad habits, inaccurate and outdated education will not take hold.
  • It provides more efficient time and money saving practice techniques.
  • It enables parents to provide consistent professional grade education without paying high priced professionals. If professionals were used, it enables parents to keep what was learned from the professionals in place.
  • It ensures that the highest levels of mental, perceptual and physical performance will be gained: and, most importantly to assure accident free driving, THOROUGHLY RETAINED.


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*While holding a learning permit for six or more months as required by state law for young learning to drive teens, begin using Car-Smart Kids at or before this periods inception. Upon the replacing of a learning permit for a driver license six months or more after learning permit acquisition, an at fault accident within the first thirty days after replacement will entitle compensation of one hundred dollars. At time of purchase, send via e-mail dated proof of purchase and complete name and date of birth of learning driver. Proof of purchase, including purchase date, complete name and birth date of learning driver at time of purchase and certified licensing documentation and received citation information for the named learning driver are required for request of payment. Purchase is non-refundable. At accident occurrence, driver must have been in total control of the vehicle without full or partial autonomous driving assistance. Car-Smart Kids is not and should in any way be considered or presented as insurance of any kind.