Driver education made easier, more enjoyable, and safer for parents to teach and children to learn.

Watch the professionals at Autosafety Driving School go over the safest way to educate your child behind the wheel. Covered in this comprehensive program is: how to properly build judgement of traffic, seating position and mirror placement, basic car control in a parking lot setting, driving test maneuvers, lane changing, defensive driving, interstate merging/driving and much more!

How does Car-Smart Kids better educate and protect your child?

  • It simplifies by de-complicating the learning process into easier, one segment at a time graduated learning.
  • From the very first moment, it replaces traditional learn to drive negatives (fear, panic, frustration, etc.) with positive learning experiences.
  • It ensures that the highest levels of mental, perceptual, and vehicular control skills are in place and habitually used.
  • It enables parents to leap over inadequate public school driver education.
  • It’s a radically different education program specifically created to turn parents into professional educators. WHY PAY A STRANGER TO SIT NEXT TO YOUR CHILD IN A VEHICLE? This program enables YOU to BETTER educate your child than professionals!

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